The Proper Way to Use Gutter Heaters

Published: 25th August 2011
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If you live in an area where heavy snow is a staple of life, then you should know the perils and inconveniences that a heavy snowstorm can bring to you and your family. For a house to properly and effectively survive heavy rain and snowfall, you need to install proper drainage and gutter systems to your rooftops. Gutter heaters should be an important part of your house's mechanism.

What exactly are gutter heaters?

Gutters are narrow channels usually located at the side of rooftops. They collect rainwater and divert it away from the roof. These gutters are likely to fill up with snow that eventually melts into water come winter season.Since snow doesn't melt instantly, they have the tendency to accumulate on gutters until they become too heavy, which results in the gutter being destroyed.

This is the main reason why you need to install gutter heaters. They are handy little add-ons to your gutters designed to melt away snow that gets piled up. Gutter heaters are designed to effectively melt snow so they can drain easily and slide down from the rooftop.

Tips on the Proper Use of Gutter Heaters

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when planning to install gutter heaters :

- Choose a gutter heating system that you like

There are a lot of choices available. The heating device can be either manually-operated or automatic.

The automatic type of gutter heater gives you the convenient option to set the exact time when your heater starts to melt ice; a convenient powerr saving option.

The usual gutter heater comes with controls that allow you to switch the device on and off whenever you like. This is the best option to take if you're determined to save money and cut energy costs.

- It's more advisable to choose a system that has two cables

Heaters with two cables may require you to cash out a little bit more, but these systems are considered to be more effective than a single-cabled unit. Two cables can effectively disperse heat and melt away accumulated snow, making it easier for your gutter to drain snow and ice away.

- Make sure the heat is dispersed equally on all sides of your rooftop.

Make sure that your heating system disperses heat on all sides because it wouldn't make sense if one side of your roof doesn't receive the same heat level as the other sides. This is important since the unequal distribution of heat can somehow cause you to spend more money in the long run.

Using Gutter heaters is a convenient way to prevent the accumulation of snow in your rooftop during winter.These units help to prolong the lifespan of your rooftops and gutters. If you'd like to know more helpful tips on house protection with gutter heaters self regulating please visit

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